Lori+Moku’s Wedding Highlights @ Hale Koa

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Lori+Moku’s Wedding Highlights @ Hale Koa

This past weekend we were honored to be a part of an amazing celebration of love at the Hale Koa.  We got to work with such a beautiful couple.  Lori looked like a princess and Moku her handsome prince.  Their special day was so fun, so joy-filled, and so beautiful – a fairy tale wedding indeed!  The decor and all the details of the reception were fabulous from the linens on the tables that were accented with a beautiful black & white damask design table runner, favors, and a gorgeous centerpiece all coordinated so well – even The Booth matched!  Their celebration included entertainment by lovely hula and tahitian dancers, lion dancers, and singers along with music for dancing.

With visitors arriving for APEC, we were concerned that we might get stuck in traffic, but we were lucky – NO traffic or major security woes.  So it was pretty exciting to be in the midst of that and to be part of a beautiful wedding.

The last time we were at the Hale Koa was back in July when we did Erin and Melvin’s wedding and we got a separate room. Well, we were lucky once again to have a separate room, the Laulima II this time, to set up The Booth!

We had add some new storage and display items that we were excited to show along with lots of new and cool accessories and props to match Lori and Moku’s damask themed wedding!  As soon as we opened the doors at 5:30 p.m. the room quickly filled up and became jam packed with guests excited to take pictures. We must say that everyone had a blast dressing up like they were from the era of the 20’s and 30’s.  The props were a hit too especially the frames!  Guests also loved the fact that we would be posting their pictures on facebook and that they could tag themselves, download the pictures, and print out more copies if they wanted!

Lori & Moku’s wedding was totally perfect!  Great details, great personalities, fun-loving family and friends.  Who could ask for more?  Congratulations again Lori & Moku we wish you all the love and happiness you deserve!

Here are a few photos of Lori, Moku and their guests having a blast!