Heather+Reid’s Wedding Highlights @ Hale Koa (DeRussy Hall)

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Heather+Reid’s Wedding Highlights @ Hale Koa (DeRussy Hall)

It was a gorgeous Sunday morning as family and friends arrived to celebrate the marriage of Heather & Reid!  Love was in the air as everyone enjoyed seeing and talking story with one another as they freely mingled around the room!  One “hot spot” was right by The Booth.

Our signature black and white color palette coordinated perfectly with Heather & Reid’s colors of black, white and green.  For more fun we added a few new Asian inspired props and accessories to complement the awesome photo booth backdrop selected!  It’s always entertaining and fun to watch the guests play dress up and to see their reactions when they see themselves on the monitor for the first time!  And, this time was no different as the very young to the young at heart kept coming back to experience The Booth!  If you were there, thank you so much for coming by!  We invite you to visit our Facebook page to check out all the FUN photos and please feel free to tag and comment too!

Also at the reception for all to enjoy was a beautifully put together memory album of pictures taken at Heather & Reid’s wedding ceremony on the Island of Lanai.  The photos were wonderful and I loved the journaling they did to “tell the story” behind the photos – it was such a lovely way to share with everyone their special day!

Comedian Shawn Felipe was the Emcee – need I say more?  I first met Shawn when he recently “opened” at the show for comedy star Anjelah Johnson.  He is one funny guy!  Shawn kept the program moving right along while he entertained and made everyone crack up with laughter!

The wedding cake and cake cutting ceremony was unique!  They had a cheese cake – literally a cake made up of tiers of cheese!  From what I could see, it looked like they each sliced a piece of cheese, placed it on a flatbread cracker, fed it to one another and then invited their amazing family & friends to come up and share in eating the rest of the cheese!

Bottles of wine with beautiful wood wine holders were the centerpieces!  The person on the table who most enjoyed “drinking as much as Heather & Reid” got to take the centerpiece home.

Just as fine wine and cheese complement and go together perfectly so did Heather & Reid.  This fun-loving couple looked so relaxed and were having a great time with everyone!

One of our favorite things we enjoy seeing at events are the heartwarming and wonderful “stories” shared through slideshows.  The black & white silent movie segment telling the story of “How to Propose” starring none other than Heather & Reid was laugh out loud funny and priceless!!  They were great and I think they should be nominated for an Oscar!!

A special thank you to Kimberly Ta for recommending us – we really appreciated it!  Mahalo to Casey and Charline of Hale Koa together with their staff for all that they did to make Heather & Reid’s celebration a fabulous one!

A BIG heartfelt thank you Heather & Reid for having us!  We wish you much happiness, love and lots of laughter!!

With warmest aloha . . . Val & Kim