Jaclyn+Allen’s Wedding Highlights @ Hilton Hawaiian Village (Coral Ballrooms IV & V)

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A wonderful gathering of family and friends were there to witness the Liturgical Celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony of Jaclyn (“Jackie”) and Allen which took place at the beautiful Sacred Heart Parish.  Moments after Jackie & Allen were joined together as one, butterflies were released – a nice touch which tied into their theme!  And, butterflies are also known to symbolize new beginnings . . . While awaiting the arrival of the new Mr. & Mrs. Gervacio, delicious appetizers and refreshing beverages were enjoyed by guests in the Coral Lounge at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  The Booth was there to entertain and kick off the celebration as hundreds of fun-loving folks waited for their chance to experience the coolest studio style photo booth around!  Guests came decked out for the occasion and enjoyed taking photos in their formal attire.  Some said it reminded them of “prom days” but that our photo booth is way cooler!  It certainly was a FULL house and the photo booth was jammin’ as the lines stretched across the width of the Coral Lounge! When the bridal party arrived the celebration continued into the Coral Ballrooms.  My goodness where do I begin?  Everywhere you looked there was something to admire at Jackie & Allen’s wedding.  The oh so gorgeous floral arrangements and decor created by the one and only Fong Tagawa of Floral Inspirations were so stunning, so exquisite, and so beautifully designed just for Jackie & Allen!  Loved it all . . . wreaths of white roses, hydrangeas, lilies + votive and floating candles + beautiful finishing touches of sparking butterflies and those “diamond” bracelets + so much more!  Also making an impact as you entered the ballroom was the monogram design with Jackie & Allen’s name in lights swirling around.  It enhanced the ambiance of the evening and further personalized the room making it their own.  The tables were beautifully dressed in white linen with turquoise runners and the chairs were also decked out in white covers and tied with turquoise sashes.  Silver bells were on hand for those butterfly kisses along with pretty favor boxes and table cards which also had butterfly accents. Jackie was such an amazing bride!  How many brides have you seen that danced a number during the grand entrance + changed into a tahitian costume and danced a number with her maid of honor sister + changed into another beautiful gown to dance a hula for her new hubby + changed into another dress to dance with her hubby and once again change back into her wedding gown all the while looking calm and fabulous!  During the grand entrance “dance” Allen was super energetic and totally awesome – perhaps the next contestant on Dancing With the Stars! We witnessed a few touching moments that not only pulled on our heartstrings but also those who caught a glimpse of the tears flowing down Allen’s cheeks as he held and danced with his mother.  Then there were all the special and tender moments captured by Studio Red, an International award winning avant-garde team of filmmakers.  It was wonderful seeing how they filmed & captured the essence of the couple’s love story.  And, who else better to have on your dream team to photograph and capture all the magical moments of the day than the incredibly talented Frank Amodo!  A fond mahalo to Frankie for hooking us up last year with Allen. Everyone also enjoyed the music of the live band which kept them coming up to the dance floor ’til the end. Meanwhile, many of the guests (including...

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New Gorgeous Backdrops for Our “Specialty” Collection Line

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Since its creation, The Booth continues to strive to offer a unique photo booth experience (studio style) and raises its bar to be original, creative and a trendsetter.  Such is the case with our beautiful “signature” black & white damask design backdrop which has set the tone for our photo booth style (chic, sophisticated, stylish, fresh, modern, or as my partner Kim says, “more fancy smancy”).  This signature “look” inspired the coolest one-of-a-kind “booth” cleverly designed and built by Kim’s hubby, Frank Amodo, to house our unique system that also perfectly complements our overall decor set-up from our linens, furnishings, props, etc. which we are very proud of.  And, we are thankful and thrilled to hear from all of you that you have fallen in love with The Booth too!  While all of our awesome backdrops continue to receive oohs and aahs, we love to keep The Booth looking fresh and new by bringing in new treasures to add to our ever growing collection! We are now excited to introduce and offer a few more backdrops to choose from in our “Specialty” collection . . . Heaven & Earth, Chocolate Kiss, and Green Splendor which will join Sexy Hexi and Aqua Opulence.  We think you will fall in love with our new additions as well!  Please inquire if you are interested in having any of these gorgeous and classy backdrops at your next event.  ...

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Tracy+Garett’s Wedding Highlights @ Pacific Aviation Museum

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The family and friends who gathered to celebrate Tracy & Garett tying the knot were in for a real treat!  The wedding reception was held on Ford Island’s hidden gem . . . the Pacific Aviation Museum.  For many, including myself, it was our first time on this 441 acre island located in the middle of Pearl Harbor.  It was named the “Best Little Museum You Haven’t Been to Yet” in the March 2009 “Best of Honolulu” issue of the Honolulu Magazine which set the stage for a truly unique event celebration!  Everyone not only had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the new Mr. & Mrs., but also with the Museum’s collection of WWII planes and the aviation history behind it.  The Museum even offers the chance to be a pilot by operating simulated planes. Arrangements of plumes of beautiful white feathers, peacock feathers, candles, bottles of wine, and pretty flowers graced the turquoise  linen tabletops.  Chiavari chairs tied with turquoise satin sashes complemented and added to the elegance.  The Bridal table was also beautifully decorated and sat raised upon a stage with a backdrop of white drapery and a lovely chandelier.  In the center of the Bridal table there was a magnificent white peacock centerpiece with its body cascading down the front of the table – OMG it was so stunning!!  The backdrop selected for our studio style photo booth that evening also had a gorgeous chandelier.  And, what was also kind of cool is that we happened to bring along our shimmery champagne gold drapery (as a backdrop for our props) which ended up coordinating not only with the gold linen on the bridal table but also with all the gold chiavari chairs!  Now that is what I like to refer to as serendipity perfection! Aubrey Akana of Savoir Faire Events and her team did an amazing designing job on the decor.  You can imagine the oohs and aahs as guests were greeted by all this fabulousness!  Together with the Museum’s planes and aviation collection, I felt as if I was in Hollywood at some spectacular movie set-up for a glamorous gala event!  Everyone was also treated to the wonderful music stylings of Ben & Maila along with Dynamic Sounds.  Kudos to all fellow vendors and folks who worked really hard and did an awesome job to make Tracy & Garett’s celebration a wonderful one! The Booth “took off” inside of Hangar 37 with Tracy, Garett, and their guests who were anxiously willing to come through our “boarding area” (where no passes or ids were required) for some photo booth fun!  We really appreciated all your compliments and positive feedback – thank you!  We also had a great time with all of you too! The evening ended with us catching the red-eye flight back home.  And, as we departed the Museum and passed over the bridge, I felt a sense of gratitude as I reflected upon the valor and sacrifice made by others in the defense of our freedom in the Pacific which the Museum so honors.  Mahalo to April and Nicole of Pacific Aviation Museum for your kokua and support.  Thank you Frank Amodo who photographed Tracy’s and Garett’s special day!   Thank you Jeremy Amodo and Pat Maemori for the undying love and support you continue to give The Booth – we so appreciate all that you do! Tracy and Garett thank you for the privilege and honor of being a part of your very special day in such a memorable place!  We wish you all the love and happiness your...

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We’re on Pacific Weddings’ Magazine Blog!!

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We are so honored, thrilled and excited that our studio style photo booth was featured on Pacific Weddings’ Love Notes blog today!! I was first introduced to Pacific Weddings (fka Pacific Rim Weddings) through Frank Amodo.  After purchasing my first issue several years ago, I fell in love with the magazine!  Shortly after that, I just had to have ALL the issues from day one as part of my collection so I went online and ordered it all! OMG I still remember when the box arrived – it weighed a ton!  As I flipped through each issue, I was in “Pacific” heaven.  So its pretty cool to be a part of this “full circle” moment today in that the magazine we have admired and fell in love with has now through their Love Notes blog is featuring our new “love” The Booth! Our heartfelt thanks to Robyn Iaea, Co-Founder and Editorial Director of Pacific Weddings magazine for the wonderful post!  A special thank you and shout out to Frank for your continued love + support – you’re simply the BEST! And, for all the brides and grooms out there (or if you’re someone like me who enjoys being inspired and always on the lookout for new ideas from A-Z) be sure to get your copies of Pacific Weddings and check out their daily Love Notes blog for inspiration, expert advice, fresh ideas, and all things wedding and then some . . . With lots of love . . . Val & Kim...

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Dana+Casey’s Wedding Highlights @ Hale Koa Hotel (Luau Gardens)

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Dana & Casey tied the knot in style at the beautiful and charming Bayer Estate.  While guests awaited the arrival of the new Mr. & Mrs. in the Luau Gardens at Hale Koa, The Booth kicked off the celebration by spreading some photo booth bliss which continued throughout the evening. The wedding reception decor was so lovely and I was tickled “pink” to see all things pretty and divine!  I loved everything that I saw especially all the little details and finishing touches like . . . the floral centerpieces with soft pink and white antique colored roses and white stephanotis flowers topped with pearls all beautifully wire wrapped with more jeweled pearls; the favors wrapped with pink paper and held together with lovely black ribbon with a pretty “topper” that included a monogram “C” accented with a shimmery rhinestone that coordinated with their invitation and everything else! Their celebration was full of dancing . . . first there were the two lion dancers that approached our happy couple who were holding out a pole with some dangling lettuce greens for the lions who then gobbled it up and turned it into a “tossed” salad.  Then, of course, there was Dana & Casey’s “first” dance and, unexpectedly, even a hot fire dancer before others joined in to dance the night away!  Jon Yamasato played his guitar and sang a lovely duet with Mailani Makanai which everyone enjoyed as well.  It was a fun, exciting and memorable wedding celebration for sure shared with Dana & Casey’s dearest family and friends! Our heartfelt thanks to Kolby Akamu of Aria Studios for hooking us up with Dana & Casey!  Mahalo also to Event Coordinator Fran Roloson of Aisles in Paradise and her team, Michele Akiona of Hale Koa Hotel and their staff – it was a pleasure working with all of you! To everyone who came through the photo booth, we had a great time with you and enjoyed seeing all the crazy and creative poses you came up with!  There were definitely some “firsts” and we were happy to hear that you had a blast too!  Below are some of the pics from that evening.  We invite you to “LIKE” and visit us on Facebook where you can tag and comment. Thank you so much Dana & Casey for having us be a part of your very special day!  We wish you all the best in your new life together and with all of the adventures in store for you! With much aloha . . . Val & Kim  ...

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Dorothy+Anh-Vu’s Wedding Highlights @ Lanikuhonua

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The stunning backdrop of Lanikuhonua (“Where Heaven Meets the Earth”) sets the tone for our first destination wedding couple of 2012, Dorothy & Anh-Vu.  The happy couple traveled from Seattle, Washington to exchange their vows and were surrounded by their family and friends who also flew in to be a part of their wedding celebration!  The weather was heavenly and everyone embraced the ambiance of this beautiful estate rich with its natural beauty and history known to be a tranquil retreat and playground for Hawaiian royalty. As guests arrived for the ceremony they were not only greeted with a breathtaking view on a sunny day but also offered a refreshing beverage!  There were high-top cocktail tables perfectly placed throughout the grounds decorated with floating candles and pretty proteas & orchids for guests as they enjoyed cocktails and yummy appetizers while watching the sunset after the ceremony.  Displayed nicely at the “Eat, Drink & Be Merry” table were glass picture frames that cleverly doubled as escort cards and favors which guests could use to put their favorite photo booth picture inside as a keepsake.  Our gorgeous Frame Room backdrop selected by Dorothy & Anh-Vu provided the perfect complement. The reception tables were all beautifully dressed in linen set with menus tied with pink & brown ribbon at each place setting with an uniquely shaped piece of driftwood surrounded by an arrangement of candles, orchids, white & peach roses, and pink anthuriums made for a lovely centerpiece.  And, a bottle of “bubbly” champagne graced each table to celebrate the couple’s special day all under a clear canopy with hanging lanterns and lights which added to the romantic setting.  Several stations were also set-up a few yards away with delicious food including a shaved ice station. Smiles and laughter filled the air with lots of memory-making in the photo booth and dancing music kept everyone entertained throughout the evening.  Congratulations to Dorothy, Anh-Vu and their guests who set a new record for the picture taken with the most people in our booth at one time!  The new record to beat is 20!  We had such a great time and happy you did too!  Please feel free to visit us on Facebook where you can tag and comment on all the fun photos. A special shout out goes to coordinator Diana Caro-Salvador of Oahu Weddings, her team and all of the vendors for the awesome job they did!  Thank you Frank Amodo for the “hook-up” and your support! Best wishes and congratulations again to Dorothy & Anh-Vu!  We wish you, your family and friends a safe journey back home . . . With much aloha, Val & Kim 🙂    ...

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