Gotcha & A New Photo Booth Record!!

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As Gomer Pyle use to say, “surprise, surprise, surprise” and that is what we shouted when Kimmie opened her front door!  She was actually speechless for a few moments – I know hard to imagine for those that know her! Too awesome for words Hubby Frankie kept Kimmie and their girls out of their home from early morning until later in the afternoon so that we could set-up for her surprise birthday party!  Frankie and Jeremy did a great job planning and keeping things secret!  Then there’s me calling and checking in with Frankie saying, “can you talk or is Kimmie there?”  It’s not that easy to try and “hide” from Kimmie’s sharp senses for weeks on end!  I know Frankie had to store party supplies in his car hoping that Kimmie wouldn’t see it. On the day of, Jeremy had to assemble some things and made a couple of trips to pickup all the food.  Lots of ono kine grinds and a “live” sushi bar station by Superb Sushi Hawaii were enjoyed by everyone!  The party favors were Nutella and breadsticks – so yummy and a favorite of many including adorable Kiyana!  I always heard about Nutella and just recently finally tried it and now I’m hooked too! And, of course, to complete the celebration we set up The Booth for some fun memory-making moments!  It was at this event that a NEW record was set in our studio style photo booth.  Check it out below- a record high of 22 people in ONE shot!  I had to recount several times to be sure as I would lose track counting all those “colorful” bodies!  Did you notice the backdrop?  It’s one of our newest in our Specialty line called Heaven & Earth. A special thank you to Natalie, Jason, Pat and Sun for all your help at the party – you guys are always so supportive!  Thank you to everyone that came out to honor and celebrate Kimmie’s birthday!  I know she was touched by each and every one of you there along with those who expressed their love and best wishes. My dearest Kimmie, wishing you ALWAYS . . . LOVE to surround you, WARM memories to cheer you, and HAPPINESS to fill your beautiful heart!! With all my love, Mama Val   Share      ...

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